Private Label Cosmetics Manufacturing

How to place an order & Make private label cosmetics

If you now want to start making your own cosmetic line. This is a perfect article for you to better understand how we make private label cosmetics and how the cosmetics industry runs. Most cosmetic brands developing new products similar to below 8 steps.

Below is the private label cosmetics process 
We will step by step to help you create your own cosmetics brand If you work with us .

| 1. Chose Makeup formula

Private Label Cosmetics Manufacturing
Private Label Cosmetics Manufacturing
Lip Gloss
Private Label Cosmetics Manufacturing
Private Label Cosmetics Manufacturing
Eye Liner
Private Label Cosmetics Manufacturing
Private Label Cosmetics Manufacturing
Best Private label cosmetics Eyebrow
Private Label Cosmetics Manufacturing
Private Label Cosmetics Manufacturing
Bronzer & Contour
Private Label Cosmetics Manufacturing
Private Label Cosmetics Manufacturing
Private Label Cosmetics Manufacturing
Private Label Cosmetics Manufacturing
Best Private label makeup remover
Ps1. In the cosmetics industry normally  Minimum Order 12000 PCS…
Ps2. Flexible pricing – Different makeup quantity, different quality, tube, bottle, container and packing which the price quite different.

| 2. Test products

Provide a tester sample for you test our quality

. We provide the tester samples for your test quality first. Then you confirm to us if that is the quality you want or not. (Based on your feedback we can update our makeup formula resend it to you)

. If you like other brand quality then arrange a sample to us, and I will tell our engineers to make similar quality as your provide sample

Signed the contract after confirm the quality.

When we receive the order deposit. We will make all of samples (color sample, packaging sample, label sample etc.)for you to confirm before mass production.

| 3. Pick cosmetics packaging - Primary & Secondary Packaging

A wide variety of packaging available in our products catalog. 

After you confirm which packaging you want to use to create your own brand. We will provide the packaging print area for you to make the design.  We can help you design if you don’t have a designer.

Different Types of Tube & Powder Packaging Finishes / Coatings / Decoration for reference to help you make design

① Primary packaging

If you choose our item ES0322 packaging to make your own eyeshadow brand

 We will provide ES0322 packaging print area for you to design. 

Based on that you can design what you want. You can make the packaging to any colors etc.

When the designs finish, we will make samples for you confirm


② Secondary packaging

Different packings ways available.

Such as Paper box packing, Blister card packging, Display packing, White box packing etc.

The packing can be fully customized. The box can be customized to any colors, add any pictures of information, any pattern on the box etc.

We will make samples for you to confirm when the designs finish.


Private label cosmetics eyeshadow paper box design
Private label cosmetics eyeshadow paper box Print area new
Example -2

| 4. Makeup material colors

 ① We provide the color sheets to you choose the colors.

 ② The makeup colors can be customized by your color samples / picture.

 ③ The products can be customized by Any Pantone color.

After confirmed the quality. We will make color samples to you based on your select colors for you to confirm.

Private Label Cosmetics Manufacturing
private label makeup color sheet

| 5. Assemble your product & packaging

We will arrange to mass production when you confirmed everything (makeup quality, makeup colors, makeup packaging, paper box, label etc.) to us.

Mass production time around 35-60 days (depends on which product and the order quantity.)

| 6. Store products in warehouse

If our QC check everything no problem then stores in the warehouse.

We can provide you our QC report about the mass production goods.

We Can send a few mass production goods to you check. 

You can arrange an inspection company come to our factory to check the goods.

| 7. Delivery

The goods can be delivered by sea, by air, by the express company(DHL, FedEx, UPS etc.)
We will provide related documents for your custom clearance after shipment.

| 8. After-sales service

Please feel free to contact us if you meet any problems. We will reply within 24 hours

Private label cosmetics service
Private label cosmetics service

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