Different Packing Solution for Private label cosmetics

Different Packing Solution for Private label cosmetics

Author:Kasey Beauty Time:2021-7-3

Reference Bottle/ Tube Packing​

All of our products can be customized packing. We have over 10 years’ customized cosmetics experience in the cosmetics industry.

  • Color box packing
  • Display box packing
  • White box packing

Which packing should choose? That depends on how you’re going to sell your products.

Are you selling online or in-store? In small boutiques or in large retailers?

Below is the packing for your reference.

Let us know which type of paper box you like? which we can do similar for you(by your design).

Reference Container Packing

The print area will be provide for you make design.
When you confirm which packing way for your products.

 The paper box can be fully customized, and based on the print area you can design what you want. 
You can add any information, pattern, or change to any colors.
Color box print area packing - Private label cosmetics
Paper box Print area
Color box packing-Private label cosmetics
Finish paper box design for reference
Color box print area packing-Private label lipgloss cosmetics
Paper box print area
Finish paper box design for reference
Dispaly print area - Private label cosmetics
Display paper box packing print areat
Lipstick display box - for private label cosmetics
Finish display color box design for reference

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