Makeup Quality Control System

Makeup Quality Control System

Author:Kasey Beauty Time:2012-7-13

 1. Supplier Management system

Makeup Quality Control System

2. Main raw material suppliers

Makeup Quality Control System


3.Technical capabilities available:

  • pH,
  • viscosity
  • in-house microbiological lab
  • Stability test


4. out-house testing:

  • Heavy Metal Test
  • Antimicrobial Preservatives test


5. Quality control in the production process 


Makeup Quality Control System


6. Inspection Standard

 Inspection Standard (AQL)
1.IQCas confirmation sample  raw material 100% packaging MI=4.0; MA=1.5; CR=0.1
2.IPQCas confirmation sample MI=4.0; MA=1.5; CR=0.1
3.FQCas confirmation sample MI=4.0; MA=1.5; CR=0.1
4.OQCas confirmation sample MI=4.0; MA=1.5; CR=0.1
5.Assay Engineersemi-product 100%


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