Sample Cost

Sample Cost

Author:Kasey Beauty Time:2017-3-2

Before placing an order, it is quite reasonable for you to ask for a sample to review. We are happy to send you the samples but have a sample cost.

Sample cost: 100USD (Including international delivery cost) that can be returned after place order.
Sample time: 7-12 days

You might think the sample doesn’t cost that much, and the factory should send samples free, to express their sincerity in obtaining your business.

We did provide free samples previous. But based on our experience the customer never care free sample. We have found that we send out many samples but seldom receive feedback, not to mention orders. It seems many people ask for samples out of curiosity, but they are not serious when it comes to placing an order. To prevent this from happening, to stop the looky-loos, and serve well real customers who are truly want to do business with us. we are requiring that all potential clients pay for a sample. This way, we know that you’re serious and sincerely want to do business with us.

About cosmetics quality
We send our tester samples for your test first, and then you confirm to me if that is the quality you want or not.
If that not you expect quality, Based on your feedback we update our makeup formula resend it to you. (we can fix the problem 3 times resend it to you if the quality not you expect)

If you like other brand quality then arrange a sample to us, and our engineers will review then try to copy the formula and make similar quality as your provide sample

How to work with us

Sample Cost

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    Please note: "If the page no description Minimum Order Quantity, normally our MOQ 12000 PCS per product" that can be mix colors. If you cannot accept our MOQ, please don't send inquiry, is waste your time. Check More

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